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Welcome to the Classic Short Wave Broadcast QSL Home Page!

Featuring classic SWBC QSLs from the 1950s, changed every fortnight!

Coming to you via the World Wide Web from Marietta, Georgia, the home of Kennesaw Mountain, site of one of the major battles in the War for Southern Independence

QSL card from British Forces Broadcasting Service No. 5 in Benghazi, Libya, for report of 7 Sept. 1955 on 4.930 mHz. Power was 7500 watts to a dipole antenna. Received by Phil Finkle, Burbank, CA

QSL card from the Lebanese Broadcasting Station in Beirut for report of 20 Jan. 1956 on 8.036 mHz. Power was 2500 watts. Received by Phil Finkle, Burbank, CA

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If you have any vintage SWBC QSLs that you would like to share with others, please forward a graphical format file, preferably in .JPG format, to the e-mail address provided below. Thanks!

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